Drug Trap to Debt Trap

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Dedication  (v)
Foreword by Dr. Citha D. Maass (ix)
Preface (xiii)
Notes: (xxvi)
Part I:
Chapter 1 Pak-Afghan drug trade 1
Chapter Notes: 22
Chapter 2 Power of „narcocracy‟ 25
Chapter Notes: 46
Chapter 3 Narcopolitics 49
Chapter Notes: 104
Chapter 4 Narcoterrorism 107
Chapter Notes: 155
Part II:
Chapter 1 Deadly debt trap 167
Chapter Notes: 198
Chapter 2 IMF tranches: Bailout or deathblow? 200
Chapter Notes: 227
Chapter 3 Politics of debt complex 229
Chapter Notes: 249
Epilogue 251
Notes: 264
List of Abbreviations 267
Index 271


Short Discription

The catastrophe on September 11, 2001 has drastically changed
international politics and revised global priorities. Concerns of yesterday seem to
have lost their significance…….. subscribe to read