Pakistan: From Hash to Heroin (E-Book)


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Considerable concern is being expressed these days about the growing use of various drugs among the people. It is important, however, that this concern should not be exaggerated by misconceptions and misunderstandings. An attempt is being made in this book to provide an objective analysis of the recent trends in drug abuse, the problems of trafficking, effectiveness of the preventive laws, operational capabilities of the law enforcing agencies, education and treatment programs.

The book covers not only the Government’s response to the problem but also attempts a brief review of the current theories of the causes of the problem.The book begins with an overview of some of the most important current crisis related to drug addiction, including the findings of recent research reports on incidence and pattern of drug abuse.

The author exposes the vested-interest involved, the graft and corruption behind the scenes, and hypocrisy of governmental controls.


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